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What's Happening in RCT

Freedom Programme

The Freedom Programme was written by Pat Craven. It evolved from her experience of working within the Probation Service, with men who had been convicted of domestic violence and other violent crimes against women.

It helps women to understand that they are not to blame and that domestic violence or any kind of abuse that they may experience is not their fault.

It provides an opportunity for women to develop ways of thinking and behaving to protect themselves and their children from harm.

It gives women freedom from control and abuse and gives them back their own power.

Facilitators of the programme have undertaken training to run The Freedom Programme.

The programme is free and runs over twelve weeks. Each session lasts about two hours.

Women are encouraged to take part in all twelve sessions. If a woman misses one or more sessions she is able to join in following programmes in order to cover all topics and complete The Freedom Programme.

The Freedom Programme is suitable for women who have experienced domestic abuse in the past or who are currently experiencing domestic abuse.

Women can refer themselves and we accept referrals from other agencies.

For more information, please contact: Pontypridd Safety Unit on (01443) 494190


Children's group

Our group is for children aged 4-6
years old, who have lived with
domestic abuse


A mothers'/carers group also runs alongside the Children's group.

The purpose of the group is to provide an opportunity for children to express their feelings about difficult experiences. Our aim is to help children build healthy relationships, to increase self-esteem and have fun.

For more information, please contact:
Pontypridd Safety Unit (01443) 494190


The Oasis Centre

A legal surgery takes place between 1.15pm-5pm every Thursday and is accessible via drop-in or appointment.